dark cave vietnam

Dark Cave, Vietnam [VIDEO]

The Dark Cave (Hang Toi) is accessed by zip line, kayak, or by swimming to the mouth of the cave, and requires a guide. We were told that we would have to wear helmets with lights as well as life vests for this excursion, but that was all we were told. 

This year, most of our journey has been planned by people we have met along the way. It is through these relationships that we exchange stories, suggestions, lowlights (which can turn into some of the funniest memories) and of course the highlights of our traveling experiences. During our traveling in Vietnam, we met fellow travelers, hung out, and then continued to criss-cross each other’s paths the entire length of Vietnam, from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh in the south. 

We found out about the caves of Phong Nha, Vietnam, from these relationships. This brings me to one of our favorite caves and experiences in Vietnam. Like I stated previously, we were told about this guided cave tour, but little else, besides the fact that it is named the Dark Cave for a reason. 

Instead of trying to explain any further, I feel that the video provides an adequate representation of our time. 

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