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Travel Luster Dimmed

WARNING: This article makes no attempt to leave out graphic details. It is not for the faint of heart.

I do not think it fair to write only about the amazing experiences and fun times. As much as it pains me to do this, I must even the scale and tell my sad, sorry tale of my experience with montezuma’s revenge, the traveler’s trot, the Toltec two-step, Delhi belly, the runs, traveler’s tummy or the commonly accepted TD (for traveler’s diarrhea), while recovering helplessly and pathetically.

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Gunung Raya Langkawi

Gunung Raya is Langkawi’s highest point, sitting at 881 meters, offering a 360 degree view of Langkawi, the Andaman sea, and even the mainland of Thailand.

We parked our scooter near the entrance to the Lubok Semilung Recreational Park, and followed the paved pathway into the park for nearly ten minutes. We eventually reached a large blue board at the start of the hike saying ‘Tangga Helang Seribu Kenanganan’ meaning ‘Steps of a Thousand Memories’.

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