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Bungee Jumping in Thailand [VIDEO]

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand a few weeks ago, Laura decided that she needed to go bungee jumping and cross it off her bucket list. Obviously, I couldn’t let her do it by herself, because that would be just rude.

So after a tiny bit of research and a brief conversation with our hotel receptionist, we were booked for that afternoon. A van picked us up for the 30-minute drive out to “Jungle Bungy Jump” and the rest of the story is in the video…  Enjoy!



[VIDEO] Cave Connection Sagada

Cave Connection is the name of one of the many networks of caves in Sagada, Philippines. The goal is to start at the beginning of one cave and come out the end of a different cave. We were warned that it could take over three hours to complete the maze with a guide, depending upon our abilities.

narrow walkway in sumaguing cave
narrow walkway in sumaguing cave

Using only one small lantern for light, we climbed through the cave using ropes to help maneuver over large boulders as well as our hands and knees to crawl between tight rocks. We also walked through pools of water, squeezed our bodies through tiny crevices, got dirty, and loved it.

cave connection rock formations
rock formations during the cave connection

Some of the openings in the cave were smaller than I thought we could possibly fit through. But amazingly, we did. The pungent odor of guano left by the thousands of bats provided some extra motivation. Needless to say, the whole cave experience was awesome.

See below for a short video clip of our caving adventure.