Bungee Jumping in Thailand [VIDEO]

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand a few weeks ago, Laura decided that she needed to go bungee jumping and cross it off her bucket list. Obviously, I couldn’t let her do it by herself, because that would be just rude.

So after a tiny bit of research and a brief conversation with our hotel receptionist, we were booked for that afternoon. A van picked us up for the 30-minute drive out to “Jungle Bungy Jump” and the rest of the story is in the video…  Enjoy!



Bagio City Market in 40 sec

The Baguio city market is something to experience. It is a huge, open market in the middle of the city. They sell everything from edible goodies like fruit, vegetables,  canned items, rice/grain, and all types of meats to hand made trinkets and other woven products like clothing, baskets, brooms, bags, and blankets. It is a bit overwhelming and easy to get lost in all the aisles and seemingly endless rows. The smells are quite crazy as well, as with any given pass, one can pick up scents of roasted coffee beans, ripe fruits, fresh cut flowers, plastics,  smoked meats, and raw fish.