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Bungee Jumping in Thailand [VIDEO]

While in Chiang Mai, Thailand a few weeks ago, Laura decided that she needed to go bungee jumping and cross it off her bucket list. Obviously, I couldn’t let her do it by herself, because that would be just rude.

So after a tiny bit of research and a brief conversation with our hotel receptionist, we were booked for that afternoon. A van picked us up for the 30-minute drive out to “Jungle Bungy Jump” and the rest of the story is in the video…  Enjoy!



Koh Phi Phi – the Beautiful and the Ugly

We are oceans away from anything familiar, roaming the world, yet still feel a sense of obligation to do or see certain things.

I am not sure if we view doing this thing as a rite of passage, or not doing it as a potential future regret. Either way, there is so much hype wrapped up in specific world-renowned places and a substantial amount of undefined pressure to visit.

Koh Phi Phi beach
Koh Phi Phi beach

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