we overstayed our welcome in Thailand

It looks like we overstayed our welcome.

Apparently I “miscounted” the 30 days from our initial entry into Thailand. 30 days is the length of time one can be in Thailand without needing a visa.

It seems like it would be an easy thing to count – you know, to thirty. I must have skipped the first day or something.

Oh, and I also missed the clear, plain-as-day, hard-to-miss, black-and-white stamp in my passport that was given to me upon entry into Thailand. The one that clearly says my entry is valid until March 24, 2014 (today is March 25th). *palm to forehead*

The good news is that we didn’t go to jail and they let us leave the country. Also, we got these really cool receipts from the Royal Thai Police.

thailand paperwork
paperwork from our Thailand fines

The bad news is that we had to pay 500 Baht each for the “extra” day. Actually, that’s probably good news, too, since that’s only about $15 USD per person. It’s a good chunk of our daily budget, but not a huge deal in the long run.

Lessons learned:

  • Do a better job counting
  • Look at the stamp in the passport

5 thoughts on “we overstayed our welcome in Thailand”

  1. Whats a trip around the world without getting in trouble every now and then! Enjoying your posts.

  2. Thailand has gone soft. I would have at least given you 30 lashes and made you count them all.

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