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Photos With Strangers

I love Southeast Asia. Each country is a whole different experience. Everyday is it’s own unique adventure.

Traveling around this part of the world has introduced us to all new things. It has been an incredible journey, where we now have become almost immune to noticing much at all. The never ending stares, un-named foreign foods, giant bugs, and crazy heat and humidity is becoming all too normal now.

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Top 10 Endearing Indonesian Quirks

We had an amazing time in Indonesia. In fact, it’s the country we’ve spent the most time in during our trip, so far. Here are some fun Indonesian quirks we observed during our time there.

  1. Brightly colored cars, buildings, fences, houses, anything really. It is common to have brightly painted walls of different colors throughout a home, such as purple, green, etc.

    I distinctly remember driving around, seeing fully pink cars, blue buildings, and bright green living room walls, just to name a few.


  1. The distinctive smell of clove cigarettes everywhere, and the seemingly high percentage of men smoking them.
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Hiking Mt. Bromo and the Sunrise Viewpoint [VIDEO]

I will admit that my idea started with a photograph. I cannot remember where I initially saw the backdrop of Mt. Bromo, and it doesn’t really matter. My point is that this is potentially the first time that I was influenced to visit a place based solely on a picture.

Mt. Bromo
Mt. Bromo from the sunrise viewpoint

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Yogyakarta to Bali via Mt. Bromo

Travel days are exhausting, and can at times, be painfully miserable and long. This goes without saying for a backpacker with a do-it-yourself type of mentally. I desire the freedom and options to choose where I go and what I do. But sometimes opting to do things myself, rather than through a tour or  group, can lead to heavy punishment in the end.

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