My 89-cent Haircut

I’m not afraid of haircuts, and I never really have been. That said, I’ve always been leery of picking a new person to cut my hair.

Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with that in a while, as my wife, Laura, has been cutting my hair for the past several years. And has been doing a great job, I might add.

Well, as you might imagine, we did not pack the trimmer and shears for our extended traveling adventure, so I’m left to fend for myself.

Philippines haircut
White tan line after my Philippine haircut.

So, naturally, I walked down the street in Dumaguete, Philippines and found the cheapest barber I could find.

89 cents later, I have shorter hair and a wicked tan line on the back of my neck. In fact, I’m not sure the hair on the back of my head has EVER been that short. Perhaps I should’ve known better based on the haircuts of all the barbers.

Also included was a 5-minute neck and shoulder massage. I think I could get used to that.

And yes, 40 Philippine Pesos. 89 cents, USD. Not too shabby.

Before and after. Philippines haircut.
Before and after. Philippines haircut.


One thought on “My 89-cent Haircut”

  1. I am happy to remind you that I was your first hair trimmer.
    That fine blonde hair was so darling! Miss you…now and from those early years!

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