roasted kona coffee beans cooling

kona coffee plantation

During our week with family in Kona, we toured the Hula Daddy Kona Coffee plantation. The whole crew came along, and even the little ones enjoyed it (I think).

Despite having been a coffee lover for years, I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about coffee and its origin. Also, the tour and coffee samples were free!  

freshly picked kona coffee beans
freshly picked kona coffee beans


This particular plantation only roasts and serves the best of the best coffee beans. From hand-picking only the best berries to “float-testing” the beans in water to make sure there are no bugs to roasting in small batches, they end up with some pretty good beans, and accordingly, an amazing cup of coffee.

The beans for sale in their store weren’t cheap, but for this level of quality, I wouldn’t expect them to be.

charlie and anna next to the coffee roaster
future kona coffee lovers posing by the roaster

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